What material for your eco-friendly bag?

Reusable bags have become a real communication medium. Whatever the shape is: tote bag, shopping bag, pocket, meshbag, vegetable bag, bread bag, pouch… the bag can be a very strong advertising medium for your brand. When personalised with an original and powerful print, your bag will increase your brand’s visibility. The only thing is to know which model to choose. To determine which will best suit you, you will have to take certain criteria into consideration.

For example the choice of material. It is essential because it will serve the purpose of your personalised bag. This is why, depending on the use you wish to make of it (for example: shopping bag, sports bag, backpack, travel bag, folding bag, beach bag, etc.), BeFre will offer you the one that meets your expectations. Many materials have insulating properties and heat resistance, which are essential for the personalisation of certain bags. Our tote bags and eco-friendly bags are all reusable and come in different materials: organic or non-organic cotton, jute, juco, woven and non-woven polypropylene (PP), recycled PET (RPET), polyester, biomaster, paper, felt and other biodegradable materials.

Depending on your desires or goals, you can turn to different types of reusable bags:

Tote bag

Over the last few years, tote bags have become very popular. Very practical and super light, they are indeed very trendy little bags. This bag goes perfectly in your hand or on your shoulder, carrying all your personal belongings. Tote bags are therefore the ideal carryall bags.

BeFre offers original tote bags in different materials: the cotton tote bag for example. Its success is due to the fact that it is easily customisable thanks to its absorption capacity. It can be reused at will, so it must be resistant and of high quality. BeFre offers different types of bags or tote bags in organic or non-organic cotton, from 50 to 400 gr/m². Your visuals can be printed by silk printing, digital printing and hot transfer or be embroidered.

Shopping bag

This bag will be your ally in your daily commute. Resistant thanks to its quality, reusable and light, this shopping bag offers a wide range of possibilities. This shopping bag is also a perfect communication tool as it can also be personalised to give your brand maximum visibility.

Kraft paper bag or paper bag

Recyclable, ecological, practical on a daily basis, the paper bag is a cheaper alternative. It is biodegradable and therefore reduces its carbon footprint. As with other bags, it is possible to obtain an original product with your own brand printing.

All these models can be personalised in any material. We are at your disposal to help you choose the material and finishing of your bag (dimensions, seams, handles…) that best suit your brand and your market.

Our team places customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities by guaranteeing delivered product of highest quality.

This is why we surround ourselves with professionals with the best training in each field: graphic designers, model makers, logistics officers… Their professional experience and know-how are the guarantee of high quality in all stages of production.

Our factories located in Europe and Asia respect all the existing standards (BSCI, SMETA …). Each of them is controlled by independent firms.