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Created in 2007, BeFre is a pioneer and specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of reusable, sustainable and eco-friendly bags, shopping bags and packaging. BeFre bags are all certified CO2-neutral

You can customize your bags from 250 pieces and create your own bag from 2,000 pieces.

BeFre holds numerous eco-responsible certifications and licenses (CO₂ neutral, ISO14001, GOTS, FAIRTRADE, Cargo Green Line) and quality management (ISO9001).

BeFre’s objective is to offer different sustainable and ecological alternatives for disposable and polluting plastic bags. Its wish is to make its customers adopt new consumption habits by reusing the same bag, which considerably reduces the amount of waste. In addition, the reusable bag has become an eco-friendly means of communication.

BeFre places customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities by guaranteeing delivered product of highest quality. BeFre is surrounded by professionals with the best training in each field: graphic designers, model makers, logistics officers… Their professional experience and know-how are the guarantee of high quality in all stages of production.

Our factories located in Europe and Asia respect all the existing standards (BSCI, SMETA …). Each of them is controlled by independent firms.

Eco-friendly certificates and licencies

All bags offered by BeFre are certified CO₂-neutral.

In 2019 alone we have compensated no less than 713 tons of CO₂! This represents 420 round-the-world trips by car.

BeFre neutralises the impact of the production and transport of its reusable bags on the environment by compensating for its CO₂ emissions.

In partnership with CO2logic and Vinçotte, leaders in Belgium, we offer a unique ecological service on the market, that of labeling our bags “CO₂-neutral”.

Every year BeFre calculates the emissions of CO₂ related to the processing, production and transport of its bags and compensates them by financing non-profit organisations of which the aim is to reduce CO₂ emissions. In this regard, we are financing a reforestation and wildlife conservation program in Guatemala.

CO2-Logic: Case study BeFre
Vinçotte: Validation of neutrality in CO₂
2021 Certificate


The GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC STANDARD) label guarantees the organic quality of textiles throughout the world: cultivation of raw material, processing, printing, packaging, etc. It also guarantees compliance with social and environmental standards throughout the production chain.

BeFre offers reusable bags made of GOTS-certified cotton and ink.


The FAIRTRADE label certifies that your bag is fair trade. Thanks to our certificate (FLO-ID 21916) FAIRTRADE guarantees the traceability of a product from the cultivation of the textile to the finished product.

By buying a FAIRTRADE bag you can be sure that everyone involved in the production chain has been paid above an internationally established rate that is reviewed annually.


PET (polyethylene terephthalate), well known to all, is the component of plastic bottles.

BeFre offers reusable bags made from 80% to 100% recycled PET. A standard bag is made of two recycled bottles.


BeFre provides its customers with an eco-friendly supply chain.

With its partner Sedis Logistics®, BeFre offers innovative solutions at every stage of logistics that reduce carbon footprint: logistics platform on the cutting edge of renewable energies, EURO6 regulations for trucks, river transport, latest generation cargo, pallet pooling, recycling of packaging and dematerialisation of documents.

With its 9 eco-solutions, the Cargo Green Line service enables to reduce CO₂ emissions by 38% compared with conventional transport.


All the elements (fabric, threads, buttons, …) of our Oeko-Tex STANDAARD 100 certified bags have been declared harmless to health.
Many substances, regulated and unregulated, have been tested, and the results go beyond national and international requirements.


BeFre is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

ISO9001 certification is the standard for quality management. It shows that BeFre meets the requirements of its customers and that quality is at the heart of its promises.

ISO14001 is the standard for environmental management. By this BeFre proves that it does everything possible to manage its activity sustainably and reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.

2020-2023 Certificate : ISO9001 et ISO14001



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Diane Wouters

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