Reusable bag is the key-word of BeFre, but BeFre did not invent the reusable bag. It has been in use for centuries all over the world before plastic bags appeared in the 1970's. BeFre is trying to show companies, consumers, actors of the sustainable development chain that by reusing bags we decrease consistently the amount of littered bags, their production and waste, and we change our habits of excess-consumption. Morover, reusable bags can be used as a great long-lasting and eco-friendly street marketing.

Case studies have shown that at this particular moment in time, the best solution is definitely the reusable bags. According to the studies, it's even more effective from its fourth reuse. To reuse is a question of public spiritedness, a question of habit and we are unfortunately very few people to think in this way. Do you rememeber your grand-mother using an old natural basket when going for shopping...were they so ugly ?

On a Personal Level:

  • Reusing just one bag in your daily life (grocery/home shopping, trips to the beach/pool, gym, pic-nics, festivals, travel, etc.) can “eliminate” the use of approximately 6 plastic bags every week.
  • Saving 6 bags a week works out to 288 bags a year !
  • Adopting the use of reusable bags for one's entire life can “save” (reduce) the need for over 20,000 plastic bags (source :

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